Growing Love

I figured out a while ago that my job preparing the food for my family has such huge importance and I wanted to get it right.  I want the food I serve to be full of love.  Love from the earth, love from me as I tend to the plants dedicating time, energy and then even more love when it is cooked. This approach has only ever proven to hold multiple benefits, not only did I then be able to pour some of my adult mental stimuli (that is notoriously forgotten when you become a stay at home mother), but also I was able to teach my children an invaluable life lesson of how to grow your own food. It has opened a world of opportunity, bonding, deeper understanding and development for our whole family.

We as a family tend to our precious plants.

Together we grow them, together we pick them and together we share them.

If you could serve your love on a plate to your family why would you not?  I smile when I see my love being consumed,  food being gulped down to grow and nourish the people I love most and all the while we give respect to our soils, our earth and our bodies.

What a blissful treat we can provide.

So if you don’t already just go and plant one small tomato bush or some herbs, a little mint perhaps? The plant maybe the start to so much more joy in your life.



There are times in life where the days rush by and you go through motions not really noticing colours, textures, tastes or the simple beauty that in so much.

Without noticing the tiny precious things we get lost with the big hard stuff life can throw our way.

Each day simple beauty is so available.

Gardening Under a Grey Sky

Despite the overcast and threatening weather my babies and I were busting to get our hands (gloves) dirty today. I purchased some native trees that the children picked to help encourage more bird life and a greater food source for the precious gems that we share the trees with here. Life at the lemon tree-house brings us close to so many beautiful birds, like this amazingly tame and friendly male king parrot. He allows us to feed him from our hands and  whistles for food when the bird feeder is low. I love watching the children’s faces as he puts his trust in them and they must move delicately and hold the seed sturdy for him to nibble away.

My older two children are on school holidays and frankly I find it blissful. There are moments where I wonder how I can fill the hours but over all our days begins and when I look at the clock I am puzzled by where the time has gone. These weeks when school is on hold I try to make it as nurturing and slow as possible. Plays with friends are so important but just being at home as a family is what I find the best thing for them.

I feel so strongly that if I cannot model how to step out from the busy rush of life to enjoy the small pleasures and tend to tiny plants and animals, how will they avoid being swallowed by the stresses of everyday life as adults?

They crave not running by the tick of a clock and they can get totally lost in play. It seems to ground them and we get back into the rhythm of our own little clock that does not tick so loud.I really don’t like having to rush them in and out always and love seeing them be free to play as long as they need.

So these school holidays so far are off to a beautiful start with plants being planted and small flowering buds of seed and nectar for our feathered friends growing.

So some important and beautiful lessons were learnt by them today…

Even under a grey sky so much colour and bright joy is available.

How lovely!

Spring Is Alive

Spring is alive in our garden and most definitely in my spirit. The air is warmer, the birds and other wild-life are busy attending to their business with such vigour and happiness. It truly is such an amazing season and I feel it’s power. An inner strength seems to hatch and no amount chores seem to make my list grow smaller.

My family and I are working away at our organic vegetable patch, I am re-decorating and over all loads of planning for the warmer months ahead.

With all the new things Spring brings I also decided to start this place and I am really looking forward to sharing my life, love and thoughts here. I love telling stories and re-living the magic that happens in our days and I find it so easily gets lost through tiredness, other commitments and just a general complacency.

I am a pretty passionate person and find any avenue to un-leash these passions a blessing.

Thanks for dropping by.